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Our vision is a world in which every Historical Black woman and girl has access to financial abundance to build and grow generational wealth. No exceptions.


BWWA’s Aset Wealth Fund primary goal is to get resources to Historical Black Women who are members of BWWA. We trust Historical Black women know what’s best for them and should be supported in their aspirations to reach for and fulfill economic prosperity. Since 2017, we have invested nearly $80,000 in grants to Historical Black women entrepreneurs, students and employees that has resulted in an even greater return and impact on their families and local communities.

As funders, our goal is to provide resources that strengthen the agency, participation, and economic power of local Black women in the areas of Business, Education, and Transportation- other areas of support are dedicated to removing barriers to building wealth which include Credit Repair, Financial Planning, Tax Preparation, Bank Account debt, and Driver License debt.

Our Aset Wealth Fund uses a combination of resources from private, public and nonprofit donors who believe in and support the economic aspirations of Historical Black women. One of our biggest resource tools supporting the Aset Wealth Fund is our partnerships with Micro Grant organization.

To Invest in a Woman, is to Invest in a Nation!


Grant Amounts and 2019 schedule

Our grants range from $200-$1,200

($200 level grants are strictly for removing barriers to building wealth areas.)

Grants are offered four times a year depending on funding availability.

Pre- Application Open: March 25th- April 10th, 2019

Review and Decision: April 19th, 2019

Pre- Application Open: June 14th – June 28th, 2019

Review and Decision:

July 13th, 2019

Pre- Application Open: September 13th- 27th, 2019

Review and Decision: October 12th, 2019

 Pre- Application Open: December 13th- 27th, 2019 

Review and Decision: January 11th, 2020


Our granting process

Our grant requests are reviewed and approved by our grants committee of 5 and are processed over a 30 day period which happens within three phases.

Phase I: Applicants complete an online application-application that will be reviewed and decided upon by our grant committee. If grant request is selected, applicant will move into phase II.

Phase II: Applicants are invited to complete a full application, outline S.M.A.R.T. goals and provide additional documentation based on area of grant request

Phase III: Applicant will meet with BWWA staff or Grant committee for 1 hr consultation regarding S.M.A.R.T. goals, grant follow up requirements and additional supportive services. Grant check is issued.



We prioritize and place high value on supporting Historical Black women who are BWWA members, clients, partners, supporters volunteers, coaches, educators and former students of our Wealth Academy/home buyers and general wealth building classes.

We occasionally provide grants to Historical Black men who are also supporters, investors, partners, members and volunteers with BWWA.

Our goal is to make a positive impact with our grants by investing in individuals and their ideas and goals that will ultimately have a bigger impact on the Historical Black communities across Minnesota.

Thank you for your interest in the Aset Wealth Fund grant opportunities. Applications close in this first cycle on April 10th, we are not accepting any phone calls, please email us with any questions you may have at