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 DA HIVE a co-working and education space that intentionally centers on providing Black women with a clear pathway to access networks, education and a space to incubate & grow the economic prosperity.

DA HIVE Grew out of the wealth building efforts of the Black Women’s Wealth Alliance (BWWA). Since 2014 BWWA has served more than 2,500 Historical Black women in the areas of home ownership, business consultations, wealth literacy and mini grants to support Black women students, entrepreneurs and employees. In 2017, BWWA open its first office location in North Minneapolis where more than 500 Black women engaged in wealth building activities within just four months. Black women continue to show up at BWWA’s venues and often needed work space, cultural space, and consistent ways to connect to networks of other Black women, mainstream opportunities, and needed access to more strategic and wealth building education from a cultural frame.

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The Pollination of Prosperity