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BWWA is a culturally specific owned and operated institution, focused on advancing racial and economic equity for Historical Black women and girls within organizations, corporations, systems and communities. Our work was born out of the systemic and increasing racial and economic disparities experienced in our community and specifically among Historical Black women.  

At BWWA, our methodologies drive transformational change and impact.  We’ve helped several organizations (non-profits, foundations, civic, education and private sector) re-envision and implement long-term organizational change through cultural training, system design and leadership development. We aim to transform the spaces we work and live in.

Our team brings more than 40 years of impactful racial equity and community wealth building knowledge, skills, strategies and networks to this work. We are experienced entrepreneurs, educators, grassroots and professional leaders working across the business, finance, education, nonprofit and community development sectors. 

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Planting for the future

Planting for the future

Wealth Literacy is essential to building a financial vision, investing in financial tools that grow and secure generational wealth. BWWA offers a variety of wealth education sessions covering a range of areas including retirement & estate planning, 401k Roth IRA accounts, stock market options, insurance, budgeting & saving, financial literacy and more through our general sessions and our annual Wealth Academy. We know that by building a good understanding of wealth and wealth building tools helps to create a strong financial vision, strong wealth investments that grow into a strong financial future through generations. We work with strong and competent Wealth Management and other Financial partners including Thrivent Financial, Sunrise Banks and US Bank.


2018 Wealth Academy Session

2018 Wealth Academy Session

BWWA developed the idea for the Wealth Academy by listening to the desires of our network – and know that in order to build sustainable wealth and wellness, the whole individual must be considered – not only the financial aspect of their lives. The Wealth Academy covers 5 pillars in order provide a holistic approach to wealth building: Wealth Education, Business Education, Housing Education, Health and Wellness Services and Personal Development Training. BWWA works with coaches, educators and industry experts to lead the work. In 2018 BWWA was awarded a $75,000 grant from the City of Minneapolis ReCAST Trauma Healing program and an additional $23,000 in public and private sponsorship’s to launch the 2018 Wealth Academy. The 2018 Wealth Academy’s theme “Healing Financial Trauma” served 70 Black women, worked with 25 educators and industry experts and worked with 25 coaches to support the Wealth Academy students through the Academy. 59 Students successfully completed the Wealth Academy and are on their path to wealth building.

2019 WEALTH ACADEMY- We are still on our planning phases, information will be made available in May 2019. Make sure you sign up on our stay connected page below to receive updates on how you can apply to become a 2019 Wealth Academy Student, Coach or Educator.



HOUSING- It Takes a Village

BWWA seeks to build a radical housing framework that is shaped by Black Women to fit our culture and human needs in a real and stable way. We have historically operated in the housing structures provided to us that has not worked in our favor, we are re-envisioning and building our own world of housing.

Black people have lived among the worse housing conditions in the United States since the arrival of Europeans. A handful of African Americans can afford quality and stable housing through home ownership and as renters. African Americans in Minnesota are experiencing a very high percentage of income poverty, has the lowest percentage of home ownership and make up nearly half of the Minnesota homeless population. Minnesota is experiencing a housing crises and as the housing market booms for sellers, Black women are being evicted out of rental properties in Minnesota at a high rate and at the highest rate in North Minneapolis.

It Takes a Village Housing provides Black women with a range of Housing education through our cultural lens in the areas of home ownership, investment properties, cooperative housing and responsible renting. We work in partnership with a variety of Housing professionals, organizations, and groups to deliver front, middle and back-end services. Our goal is to equip Black women with proper education and tools that best fit their housing stability goals.

BWWA recently entered a partnership with the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs (CURA)- A department at the University of Minnesota to work on a new and innovative partnership to help strengthen housing stability among Black women. CURA and BWWA will work in partnership with Black women who have experienced or are experiencing housing instability over 12 months.  

This pilot program under the guidance of Dr. Brittany Lewis, aims to promote positive economic, social and health outcomes for women and children in their care by strengthening the capacity of Black female caregivers through empowerment training and wealth building skills, in partnership with the BWWA.

Program components include:

  1. Educational training and access to healing and financial services that each participant needs to resume conscious control over their own housing stability and,

  2. Technical skills to co-produce research-informed solutions that will not only help individual participants, but transform the knowledge gained from the program into strategic action around housing instability in an effort to stabilize themselves and to eliminate future housing disparities within the larger community.

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We are currently building on our Co-Working space (DA HIVE) for Black women entrepreneurs and professionals, our goal is to open DA HIVE in 2019. Our space will provide a range of opportunities that include business educational and support services as well as professional development training’s. Help us design DA HIVE by answering a few questions- thank you!



Our vision is a world in which every Historical Black woman and girl has access to financial abundance to build and grow generational wealth. No exceptions.

BWWA’s Aset Wealth Fund primary goal is to get resources to Historical Black Women who are members of BWWA. We trust Historical Black women know what’s best for them and should be supported in their aspirations to reach for and fulfill economic prosperity. Since 2017, we have invested nearly $80,000 in grants to Historical Black women entrepreneurs, students and employees that has resulted in an even greater return and impact on their families and local communities.

As funders, our goal is to provide resources that strengthen the agency, participation, and economic power of local Black women in the areas of Business, Education, and Transportation- other areas of support are dedicated to removing barriers to building wealth which include Credit Repair, Financial Planning, Tax Preparation, Bank Account debt, and Driver License debt.

Our Aset Wealth Fund uses a combination of resources from private, public and nonprofit donors who believe in and support the economic aspirations of Historical Black women. One of our biggest resource tools supporting the Aset Wealth Fund is our partnerships with Micro Grant organization.

Our 2019 Spring application is now closed. Please check back in the Fall of 2019 for updates on future grant opportunities.